Sabtu, 21 November 2009

money from trekpay every week

At the front of the site Trekpay ads plastered language and certainly intriguing enough creative enough, that "We are in Pre-Launch but · uest what? We are paying Weekly" (meaning roughly like this "We're still in pre-opening phase ( launching), but let's guess? We pay you per week ". Yes, that's the weapon of ultimate marketing Trekpay to hook member to earn a dollar sejibum there. The result proved to be effective. It was nearly two weeks I join in Trekpay, the number of members who join have reach 3000 member (although when I joined was still 100-san member is quite terrible growth of our members is also yes.

How to get a payday dollars per week in Trekpay very easy.

1. You join for free here and be my referral.

2. Click the link provided in the member area (by clicking on the tab "Browse / Search". Well, the key here. You have to actively click on the links here at least every day to collect your credit amount. If you are diligent click, automatically number your credit many and this will increase your rankings. Rangking high mean income more fairly earned. Why do we need to rank? That's because the payroll system in Trekpay sharing system. Distribution is done every single week. Trekpay call Monday-Thursday. Member with a division of the high ranking of dollars more than the low berrangking member. we can link clicks per day on average there are 30-40 links.

3. In addition to clicking diligent, active member for referrals and have many referrals will receive a higher income per week than the member who just rely on just clicks.

4. Member will get a commission which is not limited if other people managed to advertise on TrekAdvertising. This link TrekAdvertising me.

5. Your income (from loans and collecting the results of referrals) will be updated (update) by Trekpay once a week, exactly every Thursday. Minimum income we receive, if already reached $ 5.5 via paypal. Potential income we can receive $ 50 per week or $ 200 per month. Join now