Rabu, 25 November 2009

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Hi all,

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Refer visitors to our website using this link and you will be paid $5 for each signup which stays active for at least 30 days.

Sabtu, 21 November 2009

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At the front of the site Trekpay ads plastered language and certainly intriguing enough creative enough, that "We are in Pre-Launch but · uest what? We are paying Weekly" (meaning roughly like this "We're still in pre-opening phase ( launching), but let's guess? We pay you per week ". Yes, that's the weapon of ultimate marketing Trekpay to hook member to earn a dollar sejibum there. The result proved to be effective. It was nearly two weeks I join in Trekpay, the number of members who join have reach 3000 member (although when I joined was still 100-san member is quite terrible growth of our members is also yes.

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An easy way to get the money / Dollar $ $ to do browsing on the internet based on the yahoo webside., Simple and easy to do., Commissions are calculated by the length of time we do browsing with the following details.,
Text Ad Plans
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How is easy is not., The time you browse or search the Internet can datadi dollars.,, For a list click here

free join awsurveys

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1. Is there any cost or membership fee to join?
No, Membership at A.W.Surveys is Free and you will not be required to pay any membership fees or any other expenses out of pocket.

2. How do I get Paid or How do you pay me?
We currently have Three Payment methods.
Option (1) includes United States Postal Service (USPS) and is Free, this option generally takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Option (1) is available to anybody in the U.S.
Options (2 and 3) include the use of Paypal (www.Paypal.com) or (www.AlertPay.com) and is an electronic payment, this option generally takes 3-5 business days for delivery. Option (2 and 3) have a ($25) Expedited Service Charge and is taken directly from your A.W.Surveys account with us. The Expedited Service Charge is for the faster delivery time (3-5 days compared to 4-6 weeks).

If you are ready for a payment, click the Redeem Money button and you will be presented with the above options.

These are currently three payment options that A.W.Surveys supports. We are however exploring other payment options.

3. Do you allow members outside the U.S. to join?
Yes, we accept members from around the world. We accept in any area that allows the use of Paypal.

4. When are new surveys posted?
We periodically post new surveys. They are based on age, gender, etc. We normally E-mail when new surveys are available, but please check back regularly for new survey opportunities for some might not be E-mailed. Please do not E-mail asking for more surveys for this will not increase your survey amount.

5. Is there a minimum payout requirement?
Yes, currently the the cash out amount is set to $75. You will not be able to redeem until you have met this minimum amount. We offer some of the highest paying surveys, and offer a great referral system, so this amount should not be hard to reach.

6. How do I refer a Friend?
Please go to the Refer Friends tab and you will be provided with a link to give to your friends. Once they visit this link and sign up for a Free account you will be credited for the referral. You may also use our Banner images with link code to post on a website.

7. Why has my Referral Count decreased?
When we periodically delete Fraudulent accounts and they have your Referral tag on them, you will lose them as your referral. We know that you can not control what your referrals do, but this is why we recommend only referring your friends that you know will not commit fraudulent activities.
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8. Why do I get paid for sharing my opinion and filling out surveys?
Companies spend Billions of dollars a year trying to convince consumers that their products are the best and to buy their products and services. They achieve this by getting an understanding how people think and shop. Knowing this, companies are willing to pay you for your opinions. Overall your opinion could help the companies to upgrade their products and services.

9. If I have a busy schedule, will I have enough time to do this?
One of the advantages of taking surveys online is that you can do them at your convenience. That is one of the best parts about surveys and why it's the easiest way for the average person to make some extra cash. You can do it at your own pace. If you have an extra 30 minutes in the morning before you go off to work, you can do a few surveys then. If you have any other spare time throughout the day you can do them and earn money. The great thing about this is that if you get busy with other things and don't have any time to do surveys for awhile, that is okay. You can decide when you want to do them. You can do surveys when it's convenient for you.

10. Is my personal information secure?
All personal information given to A.W.Surveys is strictly confidential and will not be shared with 3rd parties. We provide links to other websites within our website and your information will only be given to them if you yourself give them that information.

11. What are online surveys?
Online surveys are used as a technique for gathering information for companies. They generally are a set of questions which require a participant to answer and then the information is eventually given back to company for reporting purposes. The companies are willing to pay a fee to the participant for their opinions and time.

12. How many surveys can I do in one day?
Survey participation revolves around a couple of factors. We have no set limit on the number you can do a day, but there are only so many that are available on A.W.Surveys. If you qualify for the survey on our website you will be given a link to it, otherwise if no surveys available it will also notify you of that. We also show other survey sites so you can use other companies to amplify the number of survey offers you get.

13. Why was my payment denied or Why was my account deleted?
If you have created fraudulent accounts, do not expect to be paid for them. We will deny your payment if you have created fake accounts to raise your referral count. Please do not waste your time creating fake accounts, our system will catch them, delete them, and deny your payment automatically. Your account may be deleted or flagged for fraudulent activities in the process.

Please follow our T.O.S. when referring friends because we do not allow some forms of referring. The two most popular sites we do not allow you to post referral links on are craigslist.com and myspace.com, please review our T.O.S. for a complete list of rules.

If your account has been inactive for more then 45 days it is removed from our system.

If you have not violated the above rules, please feel free to submit a ticket so we can research your account.

14. How long does it take to complete a survey?
The length of time varies for each project, but we try to keep all of our projects as brief as possible. Most of our surveys range 5-10 minutes. Of course some will be marked longer and some shorter.

15. How can I delete my account if I no longer want to receive your surveys?
Once logged in, please click on Account Settings then click on the option to delete your account.

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